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GRASVM: SVM Prediction of Granzyme B Substrates Cleavage Sites


GRASVM (version 1.0) is a web server for predicting granzyme B cleavage sites on protein sequences based on a proprietary support vector machines (SVM) model. GRASVM is updated regularly with newly discovered granzyme B substrates which can be retrieved from the substrates database. The granzymes (short for granule enzymes) belong to a family of highly homologous serine proteases contained in cytotoxic granules of innate and adaptive immune killer cells. Their major job is to induce cell death to eliminate viruses and tumor cells. The granzymes also play a role in immune regulation by controlling the survival of activated lymphocytes and may also regulate inflammation by acting on extracellular substrates. While there are several types of granzymes, granzyme B is the most abundant and well studied. Granzyme B shares very similar cleavage specificities with the caspases - cleaving most of its substrates after the aspartic acid residues(learn more about granzymes).

(Cell death pathways mediated by granzyme B. From Lieberman J, 2003)


Please cite the following if you intend to publish the results obtained from this server:

  1. Lawrence JK Wee, Esmond PS Er, Lisa FP Ng and JC Tong (2011). In silico prediction of the granzyme B degradome. Submitted.

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